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Kodály approach

The Kodály approach to music education is inspired by the teachings and innovations of Hungarian composer and music educationalist Zoltán Kodály and incorporates his clear guidelines and principles for musicianship training.
Singing is at the heart of this child centered approach to music education, and it is through singing and fun musical games that all aspects of musicianship are taught.
The approach uses Solfa, whereby every note in the scale is given a name e.g. do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do for the major scale.  We use Relative Solfa, meaning that do moves for each key change.
Handsigns are also used to indicate each pitch of the scale.
Another feature of the approach is the use of rhythm names amongst a variety of other rhythmic techniques.
"The organic connection between music and physical movement is expressed in singing games."  Zoltán Kodály
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