1.  How much do the classes cost?

The classes are £5.75 for a full 40 minute session.  Additional siblings receive a discount and pay £3.75 for the same full 40 minute session.  Siblings attending a different class pay £4.75


2.  Can I bring along more than one child? 

Yes you can.  ImagiFun are very keen to get the whole family involved in learning about, participating in and enjoying music.  If you are bringing along a baby under 12 months of age to our 18 months – 3 years or our 3 – 5 years classes then they can be brought along free of charge. 

Additional siblings attending the same class can purchase a discounted ticket for £3.15  Please contact me either by email or phone to discuss which class would be the most suitable for your children.  I usually recommend that you choose an age appropriate class for one of your children and I will then ensure that the material and activities during the classes engage the additional (older or younger) child at the appropriate level too.


3.  Are the venues fully accessible?

Yes.  The Session House in Williamwood Parish Church is accessed through the ramped entrance on Vardar Avenue and is fully accessible.  The Session Room at Orchardhill Parish Church is also on the ground floor with access from the rear entrance of the church.   


4.  My child has additional needs.  Will ImagiFun classes be suitable?

All children are welcome and encouraged to participate in ImagiFun’s classes and I will ensure that the material and activities during the classes enable all children to have an enjoyable and inclusive experience.  I would also recommend that you contact me to discuss your child’s needs prior to your first class as the more information I have before meeting participants for the first time, the more appropriately I can plan and devise the classes.


5.  Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes.  I operate as a sole trader (freelancer) and am a member of the Musician’s Union (MU).  My public liability insurance is provided through the MU and the limit for indemnity is £10,000,000.


6.  Do I leave my child or am I expected to stay?

ImagiFun’s classes are for parents/carers to enjoy with their child.  It is important that as the children learn about the musical concepts covered throughout the classes that this learning can be supported in the home too.  Therefore we expect parents to remain with their child during the classes and participate fully.  During the 3 – 5 years classes there will be many points during the class where I will encourage the children to work with me as a group independent of the parents/carers, but it is important that the adults still remain focused on their child’s learning experience and try not to distract the children by chatting.


7.  How do I book?

Please contact me by email or phone to request a place in one of the classes.  I will then email you a copy of our booking form which you can then complete and return with payment by cheque.
8.  What is the Kodály approach to music education?
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9.  What are the benefits of participating in quality music learning activity in a child's early years?
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10.  Who designed the logo?
The talented and very generous Dr Mark Miller designed the ImagiFun logo.  If you would like to find out more about Dr Mark Miller's animation and design services please contact me by email or phone.
11.  What if my child misbehaves?
I am a mother of two young boys and fully appreciate that at times children do not behave in the way that a parent may wish them to.  Please do not get distressed about this as it is perfectly normal.  Some children may take a little longer to settle into the "routine" of the class.  If you are concerned about your child's behaviour please speak to me at anytime and I can help to reassure you and if necessary suggest ways to help.
12.  Can I book a place even if it is part way through a block of classes?
If there are places available in a class then new participants are welcome to book to come along at any point and will just pay the appropriately reduced fee for the number of sessions that are remaining.
13.  Will priority booking be given to existing participants for the next block of classes?
If a class is full then priority booking will be given to participants already attending that class up to a specified date (usually 2 weeks before the next block is due to begin).  After this date, places will then be offered to participants on a waiting list.
14. What is the capacity for each class?
Each class is limited to 13 children. 
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